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Client Coaching Terms

Please read this page thoroughly as it contains our coaching terms for using our matchmaking service. 

Client Commitment

I, the Client agree to receive coaching services from the selected Coach who has been introduced to me by Smartpurse Limited (Smartpurse) on the basis of the following conditions:

  1. I agree to always act respectfully and professionally towards the Coach, and only to share truthful information with them in good faith, and in a manner reasonably expected in a Coach-client relationship.
  2. I agree to respect the Coach’s personal space outside of agreed coaching hours, and only to contact the Coach to any contact details which are provided (at the Coach’s discretion) outside of those hours in case of a necessary emergency.
  3. I understand that even if the Coach has financial expertise, that the Coach (or Smartpurse for that matter) is not a Financial Conduct Authority (or equivalent) regulated entity and that any coaching or assistance they provide to me is not and is not intended to be regulated financial advice (unless clearly expressed otherwise in writing) and as such I will never under any circumstances have a right to make a claim against the Coach (or Smartpurse) relating to financial advice.
  4. I agree that whilst I will respect and listen to any advice offered to me by the Coach, that all actions I take with respect to my own finances are my own choice, and I will not legally rely on information given to me by the Coach, nor will I hold the Coach in any way legally or financially responsible for any actions I take (or do not take) or my (or my business’) financial affairs. I agree therefore that no party, other than me, will be held responsible in an way for my own finances or actions or omissions generally, except to the extent that I have entered into a separate financial advisory engagement with a third party that is not the Coach or Smartpurse or anyone connected to them.
  5. Nothing as part of any services provided by the Coach will ever constitute investment or legal advice of any kind, unless clearly expressed otherwise in writing.
  6. I agree to allow the Coach to record and hold my personal information, as defined in the Data Protection Act 2018, and in particular hold and record sensitive types of personal information on me which I disclose to them for the purposes of providing me with coaching services. I understand that any request to the Coach to stop holding or delete the personal information they hold on me will likely reduce or remove completely their ability to provide me with personal coaching services.
  7. I understand that a coaching relationship is a two-way arrangement, and that both I and the Coach are entitled to pull out of a coaching relationship at any time at our own respective discretion.
  8. I may not assign or transfer this agreement and it is personal to me.
  9. I agree to apply with all applicable laws when receiving coaching services, including in relation to anti-bribery, harassment and data protection.
  10. All the above points are agreed without any restriction or reservation of any kind or nature whatsoever and I agree to be legally bound by these terms.

Coach Confidentiality Commitment

The Coach, has agree not to disclose any confidential information relating to You to any person, corporation or other entity except to his/her professional advisers or as required by law. All such information shall be kept strictly confidential by him/her, unless he/she receives prior written approval from You to disclose any such information.

This agreement and any non-contractual dispute shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England.